Financial Aid

Scholarships & Financial Aid

There are several foundations that offer aid:

You’re also encouraged to contact your home parish for assistance as well.

Neumann Scholarship

*Tax ID Required

TFEC - The Foundation for Enhancing Communities

Must live in a failing school district to receive aid.


Here’s how it works:

* Email Lisa Fortunato at for Enrollment Code.

How to order your SCRIPT.

Family Account

Sign up for a Family Account and you can order online – but you can’t pay online without Presto Pay. You’d have to bring your payment to Seven Sorrows prior to 9:30am Monday morning.

You also cannot order ecards from your Family Account without PRESTO PAY!
You’d have to bring a check to SSBVM first.

Presto Pay

Signing up for PRESTO PAY allows you to place an order & pay online at the same time.

Here’s how to do it:

You can also order ScripNOW, which sends cards directly to your phone within minutes. If you wish to order physical gift cards – keep in mind you’re cards will be on the Monday/Thursday schedule above. They don’t get shipped separately.

Here’s how to order by phone:

*Scrip Orders are placed Monday morning at 9:30am and are available Thursday afternoons.
*(Holidays & School Closings can alter the Schedule to Tuesday/Friday).

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