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The Monsignor George Lentocha Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) elevates a school’s commitment to the values of scholarship, service, leadership, character, and citizenship. These five pillars have been associated with membership in the organization since its inception in 1929. Learn more about these five pillars of membership here.

Today, it is estimated that more than one million students participate in NJHS activities. NJHS chapters are found in all 50 states, US Territories, and around the world. Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges 

them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.

As such, NJHS chapters and students are in schools that care not only about student achievement, but also community engagement. Students in 7th and 8th grades can be nominated to participate in our chapter.

Faith Families

Faith FamiliesEach SSBVM student and faculty member belongs to a Faith Family. Each Faith Family consists of at least one student from every grade level and one faculty member. Students remain in their same Faith Family throughout the duration of their time at SSBVM.

Faith Families meet about once a month for activities that promote fellowship across grade levels, leadership by upper grade level students, and a deeper understanding of what it means to put our Catholic faith into practice by all students. Faith Family activities include service projects, team building, art projects, and athletic events.

Musical Theatre

The Seven Sorrows Drama Program is 100% volunteer-run, and receives hundreds of hours of volunteer time every year from committed parents, grandparents, siblings, alumni, and friends. Every spring the school puts on a musical that usually involves a cast and crew represented by all grade levels. Members of the community are invited to live performances and get a chance to see our talent in action!

Past performances:

2013: The Prez’s New Clothes
2014: Lord of the Ringlet
2015: Seusspeare: Romeo and Juliet’s Restaurant Wars
2016: Dorothy in Wonderland
2017: Transyl-Mania
2018: Comic Book Artist
2019: The Snow White Variety Show
2020: The Enchanted Bookshop

Altar Servers

We celebrate school Mass every Monday at 8:30 am. Different grades rotate Altar Servers each Mass throughout the school year. Altar Servers also assist at funeral Masses for the parish.

Students called to serve our LORD as an Altar Server must be a graduating 4th grade student.

Handchimes and Bell Ensembles

Hand Chimes are available to students in 5th through 8th grade. Students begin by learning to play the Handchimes and then advancing to the Hand Bells.

Students practice each week learning our Alma Mater, two songs. Our more seasoned and experienced players learn additional hymns. We perform at the annual Spring and Christmas concerts. We may also take field trips to perform for the community.

National Math Club

Students in grades 6th through 8th are eligible to participate in the National Math Club which meets weekly after school.

Math club meetings will vary by group, but the National Math Club suggests using the Club Leader Calendar, which outlines weekly activities that last 30-90 minutes. Every activity can be used by groups of any size and students of just about every math skill level. All games use everyday materials, and some also can be played using the free MATHCOUNTS Club App.

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